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Join the squad in this exclusive gender free snap back!

  • Made in Los Angeles
Riahna B.
I guess, the reason I'm writing this review here is that I'm disappointed. My first e-mail to your company was wonderful! Everyone was so kind to help me and give me instructions for exchanging the hat because (the snap part came disconnected from the material). I followed all of the instructions from the e-mail: package up the hat and just ship it back to the address provided with my proof of purchase. When I inquired about possibly helping with shipment costs, I got no response, but I don't mind paying for that because I knew it would be worth it in the end. So I've waited and waited and waited... still no word on if they received the damaged hat and if I have an expected delivery date for when I'll get my exchange. :( I think your company is good and your customer service up until now was very good! I don't plan on publishing this review anywhere besides here. I understand how businesses rely on customer feedback and so I figured I would review my experience here. I don't plan on discontinuing buying your products, but not unless we figure out a more secure way of exchanging products if something happens. Thanks for taking the time to read this.