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                   Kiyomi - "Hunter Valentine" and "The Real L Word"


                            Gina Yashere - Conan O' Brian, Def Comedy Jam (Comedian)

                                       Sara & Whitney - "The Real L Word" & "VH1's Couples Therapy"



                       Lorie Moore - "The X Factor"                            George Hill - Indiana Pacers (NBA)


G.Q.A. CLOTHING was featured in the current issue of Moda and Estilo.

Also available online and @ Runway Boutique LA.



Blog Mention in Creative Entrepreneurz

"As for our very first spotlight, all we had to do is go big. We searched through our selection and one particular artist caused us to look at them twice.  Let us introduce to you Stuzo Clothing. Stuzo was founded by Stoney M. and Uzo E. They have an outstanding selection to choose from. Originally from New York they travelled across the country to our lovely state of California. These two women work well together and also found a little extra off the business relationship. Let’s talk about when we met up with these amazing duo." C.E.